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Contrary to popular "practices", please don't try to mislead or manipulate the reader/hiring manager in any way.  It will get you eliminated before...or even after you get the coveted position.  We are all bright enough to express ourselves in positive, creative ways.

The following approach is simple, yet very compelling and could be augmented with a picture with "curb appeal."  Keep-it-simple is still a winning strategy.

OBJECTIVE:  A simple statement of the career direction that you intend for yourself can be written without being too vague.  It should include references to the hiring manager's self-interest like "...and proactively manage these activities to increase profitability."  (They need to know that you are committed!)

CAREER EXPERIENCE:  (I like a clean, direct format, from most recent position back in time, like the

Wilson-Jordan Company          Chief Financial            May 1998 
Jackson, MI                       Officer                to Present

A $3.1 Billion consumer products conglomerate that markets throughout the americas, and grew to this size from $2.3 Billion during my tenure.  

(I believe in buzz words.  Write a 3 sentence paragraph including as many buzz words as needed.)

Sentence 1:  Describe quantitatively and qualitatively your position.
(# of people, budget size, departments, annual report,etc.)

Sentence 2:  Define your 1 or 2 most outstanding accomplishments.   
        (There is something in every single position!)

Sentence 3:  Define any special skills/experience acquired during this job.  
(For example, studied consensus management with Goldratt, developed a clear
understanding of the "proactive CFO.") 

EDUCATION:  (Clearly state the Degree(s), School, major/minor if appropriate, and year(s) received.
Important! Add any special, compelling, or "current" seminars.)

For example, "...graduated the Kellogg School of Business' Program for International Currency
     Exchange Management and Accounting - 1996"

OPTIONAL:   (At your discretion, you may add a section on "Professional Affiliations" or "Personal", 
    though only if they enhance you.)

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