Reaching Unavailable Candidates 
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The limitations of ads and job board postings allow you to consider the people who are currently looking for a new job, that have a resume, and that happen to see the ad.  Optimistically, this may represent as much as 20% of the qualified people.

Unfortunately, this does not allow you to consider the other 80% of the qualified people, Statistically the chances of getting the best person from an ad is only 1 in 5.  There are high costs for running the ad(s), the cost of screening the respondents, and the substantial elapsed time that it takes to place ads, get the responses, screen them, and interview the candidates.

A really motivated recruiter, may contact 50 or 60 people in trying to fill the position. When you consider that the pool of qualified people may run into the hundreds, the chances of getting the best person is about 1 in 3.  Most recruiters and agencies charge 25% to 30% of the starting salary for this effort, but not CAASearch International.

CAASearch International is totally committed to giving your hiring managers the opportunity to choose from virtually 100% of the qualified people by reaching those key candidates that are high performers and not looking for a position like yours.
Contingency recruiters and employment agencies, who in reality are actually placement people, may allow you to consider as many as one third of the qualified people. 

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