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CAA Search International
Advanced Manufacturing Executive and Special Technical Search

CAASearch International will thoroughly develop the job specifications with the Client Company.  We define requirements for training, degrees, and work experience, as well as the specific requirements for interpersonal skills, working style, and personality that will fit the position, and the company.  This is in much more depth and detail than normally is found in most job descriptions.

We typically determine 15 to 20 very specific requirements for each position, consisting of a combination of experience and people skills.


CAASearch International will research potential candidates.  We use our proprietary databases, industry and contact referrals and directories, and most important, original and current research to identify the companies the person may be working at now (or has worked at in the past).  We then identify exactly who the people are that could possibly be qualified for the position at those particular companies.  Our responsibility is to identify and evaluate ALL the potentially qualified candidates.  This may mean contact with several hundred or more companies and people.

We contact and evaluate the potential candidates, ideally at home.  We completely evaluate their training, work history, interpersonal skills and personal background with respect to the job specifications.  We then communicate the qualified candidates’ backgrounds to the Client Co.  We get the Company's approval to identify the Company to specific qualified candidates.  We are sure to communicate any reservations or concerns about the person, in addition to the positive aspects.

We arouse the potential candidate's interest - identify the Client Co., send Company literature (and information on the area), to make it easy and confidential for the person to interview for the position.  We help coordinate the initial communication and interviewing process with an initial telephone call and/or personal visit between the Client Co. and the candidate, and on the subsequent interviews.  We go to great lengths to ensure mutual understanding of one another, both the Company and the candidates.  We maintain constant communication with all parties throughout the interviewing process.  

We help the company select the best candidate, help them determine the appropriate offer, and coordinate the timing of the offer.

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