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Only now does CAASearch International enter the Recruiting phase.  We coordinate the communication of the offer to the candidate, and see that their acceptance is given to our Client Company on a timely basis.  We counsel them on preparing their letter of resignation to their present employer, so they can leave the company on good terms.  We maintain constant communication during this phase to get feedback on their present company's reaction to their resignation, to be alert for counteroffers (and how to turn them down).

We are in close contact during the time between when the person accepts the new position, gives notice, and starts the new job.  Handling this correctly assures a smooth transition. If relocation is required, we help coordinate communication with Realtors, schools, etc.

If a spouse's career is involved we help them prepare their resume, and provide job changing advice.  Since we are not an employment agency. we don't place the spouse in a new job.  However, we realize that spouse's careers are very important, so we always provide counseling and coaching in seeking a new job - really stay right with them until they have found an optimal job in the new area.


CAASearch International will keep in touch after the person starts the new job, and we follow up with the Client Company several times in the first few months to see that the person is off to a productive start.  This role is executed uniquely with every executive search project and we are more than willing to participate with the Client Company to ensure that happens.

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