Our Record of Performance 
CAA Search International
Advanced Manufacturing Executive and Special Technical Search
We have successfully conducted Searches for virtually every type of management position, such as:

President (CEO)
Division General Manager (COO)
Vice President - Marketing
Vice President - Engineering
Vice President - Sales
Vice President - Finance
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Manager of Engineering
Manager of Manufacturing
Chief Engineer
Accounting Manager
Purchasing Director
Regional Sales Manager
Quality Assurance Manager
International Sales Manager
Dean of Engineering
Manager of Operations
Director of Management Information Systems
Chief Metallurgist
Director of Research and Development
Manager of Ceramic Engineering
Training Director
Many positions with International requirements (German,
Korean, Japanese), and for minorities.
Many positions requiring experience in management practices
such as TQM, CPI, LEAN, Employee Empowerment, ISO 9000 etc.

Because we, at CAASearch International, are also technical specialists, we have conducted many searches for key Engineering and Professional positions. We always focus on people with the exact degrees, certifications, technical experience (and interpersonal skills) so they can be immediately productive without extensive training.  A partial list includes:

Project Engineers - (All Disciplines)
Organization Development Specialists
Mechanical Engineers
Pharmaceutical Research Scientists
Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Software Engineers
Quality Engineers
Industrial Trainers
Manufacturing Engineers
Application Engineers
Cost Accountants
Field Service Engineers
Machine Design Engineers - Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Stress, Software, etc.
Computer Programmers and Analysts
Sales Engineers

The best person is almost never out looking for a new job. Our job is to find that best person, and we will.

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