Industries Served
CAA Search International
Advanced Manufacturing Executive and Special Technical Search
CAASearch International performs executive searches for companies of all sizes, including multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies, as well as many small to medium size companies that are market leaders in their particular products.  None of our client companies competes with another and we will have never recruited any one from you, a new client.

A partial list of Industries includes:

Mainframe Supercomputers
Electronic Manufacturing
Agricultural and Farm Machinery
Heat Treating Equipment
Automated Assembly Equipment
Textile Machinery
Military and Aerospace Electronics
Automated Material Handling
Computer-controlled Special Capital Equipment
Office Products
Commercial Heat Treating
Aviation Products 
Vacuum Process Machinery
Industrial Distribution
Technical Ceramics
Consumer Products
Automotive Electronics
Machine Tools
Advanced Materials & Composites
Consumer Appliances
Automotive Power Transmission
Metals Processing
RF and Surface Mount Electronics
Special Engineered Automated Machinery

It is very unusual for CAASearch International to actually "market" our executive search services to a company, as almost all of our growth has come from our client companies making the first contact to us, having heard about us, or by being referred to us by other client companies of ours.

We don't want to do business with just any company, but only those that meet our standards, and that by the nature of their technology and location, would benefit from a search approach.

Some of those criteria include a team and people oriented organization climate, a market leader in their product lines, using a specific and somewhat scarce technology, and a desireable area for a professional or manager to live and work, and an optimizing attitude toward their business, and therefore fussy about the people they hire.

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