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CAA Search International
Advanced Manufacturing Executive and Special Technical Search 
CAASearch International was formed in 1988, with the sole objective of developing the best program in the Search Industry.  You may have worked with other search firms, employment agencies or recruiters in the past, but we are different:

We have the research capability, techniques and proprietary database to identify all the potentially qualified candidates that are now in your industry, those that were formerly in the industry, or that may have the proper experience from a closely related field.  Our program at CAASearch International is effectively aligned for engineering, and professional, as well as management positions, for all functional areas.  This especially includes positions that require special training, certifications, or degrees.  Selectivity and confidentiality are of prime concern -- we never identify our client company until there is interest on your part.  Ethics and loyalty to our client company is always the primary concern. 

Our search and evaluation process is extremely thorough.  A typical Search may involve communication with literally hundreds of people.  

This is an important key to our success, and allows our client company to choose the best person for the job, and not just settle for "what's available".  That special CAASearch International executive search evaluation process is to appraise the backgrounds of all those who may fit the qualifications you have established -- not just someone who is looking for a new job (and the best person usually isn't.)  

Our approach is to match  not only education, job knowledge, track record, and successful work experience, but motivation, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and a management style that will fit well with your management team, and into your organization climate.
CAASearch International's executive search fee is substantially less  than other search firms and even many employment agencies.  Under many circumstances, it is also less than a moderately extensive advertising campaign and job board costs.  

This reasonable cost should not imply that the quality is less -- that is an area that cannot be compromised.  However, our whole program has been developed with reasonable costs and long term business relationships in mind.

Our success ratio has been virtually 100%.

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