Executive Summary 
CAA Search International
Advanced Manufacturing Executive and Special Technical Search
Companies are more than plant, equipment and materials.

Companies are really made up of Human Capital.
...and human capital is more than education, experience or even creativity.

Human Capital is synergetic force created by compatible people working in concert and you have a right to expect your candidates represent more than job boards, ads or "surfing the Cloud.".
CAASearch International is a proven, established executive search firm with broad experience in all facets of manufacturing companies from presidents to vice presidents to managers, and even special technical professionals. The CAASearch International executive search approach is pro-active - go out and find the best person right now - as opposed to hoping and waiting for that person to post to a job board, call an ad or an agency.  CAASearch International contacts ALL the potentially qualified people - so you get to select from fully qualified candidates - not just the 20% of possible candidates that answer ads, list on job boards or respond to recruiters.  

The best person for your position may not read the want ads or talk to recruiters – but is doing that job successfully somewhere else. We will find that person.

At CAASearch International you can do a thorough executive search for the same cost or less than using an agency or recruiter, many times less than a moderate ad campaign.  We apply the same high-level executive search techniques to key professional and technical positions, as we do for top management positions—unlike recruiters.  Our search is very thorough, many times we have found the best candidate within driving distance of the Client Company - eliminating the expense of relocation.  Our approach gets people to open up who are reluctant to talk, including very scarce technical people who are inundated with and avoid calls from recruiters.  We have experience with searches all over North America including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and parts of Europe.

CAASearch International and our pricipal, Christian Anderson, have a more than 20 year record of success in executive search in manufacturing at every level.


...and this "very custom process" should not be expensive.  

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